Friday, December 30, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - Christmas Edition

What a great last two weeks it's been!  Alex, Rachel and Liam came to visit for Christmas.  Before that there were the cookies to make - I am guessing I did somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 dozen.  I had a marvelous time shopping at the mall and in the village, and with the weather cooperating I think it was easy.  Not the same spirit, when snowflakes fall and lights reflect off the snow, but a good time buying gifts that it turned out they actually liked! 

And not much was happening in real estate in Skaneateles.  There are only 110 active listings of which 31 are in the village and 24 are waterfront.  Only two new listings came on in the past two weeks - one is a re-list and the other is a builder's "to-be-built" in Parkside off West Elizabeth Street.  Of the six homes marked contingent, only one is new, a waterfront priced under $350,000.  There are no new additions to the "under contract, do not show" or pending categories.

The real news is the end of year closings.  We have had four - wow! - since December 15th.  Three are in the village, and all took reductions of varying amounts;  two came down in price by 20% and the other two by 10% from their original list prices.  But all closed within eight months of listing, which incudes the 60 to 75 days it generally takes after the offer is made.  We now have 68 sold and closed homes in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service for the year.  I am sure there must be one or two others that will show up in the next week or so.  Next year I will provide an analysis and the final closings.

So enjoy the New Year and the celebrations!  Drive carefully, sing loudly, and revel in our lack of snow but look forward to a very snowy January which will find you safe and warm.