Sunday, May 27, 2012

E-Card Obsession ... Top 20!

Well hello there :)

If you are on Pinterest on a daily basis like moi...
 then I am sure you are just as obsessed with these hysterical e-card pics as I am.

They literally crack me up, I find myself laughing out loud at all most all of them!

So in an effort to make everyone laugh on this holiday weekend ... I have compiled my

TOP 20

most relatable, absolutely crack your shit up, e-cards!

Drum roll please .... In no particular order ...  Enjoy :) Ha.

Hahaha what did we ever do before Pinterest?? 

I literally hate Crocs... always have, always will ... I tolerate them on the kids ONLY at the beach ha!

One word ... Hangry ha. I am totally guilty of this. 

Haha this is 100% COMPLETELY me ... I seriously would do this if I didn't think I would lose business lol I hate listening to voicemails! 
Hahahaha ... Patience is not something I am good with .. guilty again. 


So True!

If this were true, I would be so super skinny ha! 

Ha that is just funny period. 

Hahahaha I have several of those days. 

Love this ... LOL


Very true in the real estate business hahaha ;)

To all my 50 Shades friends haha ;) those books make you question if you are sane after you finish when you are slightly depressed you aren't reading anymore ha 

Hahahaah that one is seriously probably one of my top 3 favorites ever! 

Sad, but true ha  

Em this is for you :) It is true though, Lilly clothes make me happy ha :) 

And I have saved the best for last ... 
I think we can ALL relate to this one ... 

anyone who knows me well, knows I can totally concur with this ha. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend :)
PS. I promise to try to get back into the blogging swing .. I have been MIA and it's making me sad!
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