Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

I started this blog earlier and got sidetracked into a different sort of blog.  Back to the facts.  And this year the facts are fun.  When I began writing the economy began its downturn.  No, I do not have an ego that suggests I had anything to do with it, but chronicling the fall was not pleasant.  I like this upswing - a lot.

Currently there are 106 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing system.  Of these, 31 are in the Village and 26 are considered waterfront.  Frankly I don't go through to see which ones are streams (Skaneateles Creek runs along many boundaries) and which ones have a pond and claim waterfront.  Agents  have no real way to denote lake rights vs. right on the water, so they become "waterfront."  (We need another category!)  I think it's close enough.

Nine properties came on the market in the past week.  Two adorable houses in the village well under $300,000 and another in the town not too far out but under $200,000, equally adorable, came on.  A fourth listing was for a house with lake rights, positioned under $400,000.  The remainder were re-lists, with freshening or some reduction in price.

Three houses are newly contingent, bringing the total number of all homes waiting to close to 33, a fairly high number.  Of the three, two were on the market less than two weeks when they received their offers.   This is great news for everyone.

And of course, which is so lovely to say, we have another property that closed this week.  It was located in the town and sold for about 12% off its original list price.

What will next week bring?  Stay tuned! And have a peaceful and happy Memorial Day!