Thursday, August 16, 2012

Skaneateles Real Estate - Summer Edition

Yes, it's been two very busy weeks for me, so I didn't do last week's blog update.  But it's summer, the days are winding, I haven't been hanging out on my paddleboard at the lake, but I have been getting a couple very sweet new listings, one of which I will add to the update.

This is my new listing at 1020 Ten Mile Point, just south of Lourdes Camp.  Look at that beach!  It has 295 feet of level small rocks, two current docks, and a cottage up in the trees.  The price is $250,000 - and no, this is not a giveaway.  Contributing to the peace and quiet you see here is the limited accessibility - a good thing in this rush-around world!  No cars, no roads, no traffic.  Take a short boat ride or woodland path past other camps along the shoreline and find silence, only the lapping of the waves and the birds in the many trees.  You are truly away from it all, but only minutes to the Village.

So!  There are currently 117 other active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.  Of these, 27 are in the village and 29 are considered waterfront.  Eight are new, including Ten Mile Point.  A couple are re-lists, including the huge mansion at the Enclave on Route 20 - now priced at $500,000 for the house and over 24 acres.  There's another property with twice as much acreage, also in the town.  A good little ranch and pretty cape, both in the town,  came on the market over the past two weeks.  An under a million waterfront property completes the new homes.

And sure enough, four new properties came under contract.  All of them are outside of the village, and three of them hover around the $300,000 mark.  There are 32 altogether in this category, including the four new ones.

And more closed!  Five new ones!  We are up to 65 sold and closed homes for the year!  Three of them are in the village, to continue the 2012 theme of buying there.  They range in price from a low in the mid-$100,000 to a high close to $600,000.  The two in the town that closed were sold near their asking price.

We are on to something here - Skaneateles is going through a wonderful upsurge in real estate.  And why not?  It is a beautiful area, filled with beautiful homes, where prices have not fluctuated as they have in the rest of the country.  And rates - oh my!  One of my buyers got a 3.5% FHA mortgage just recently.  It makes a HUGE difference!  So buy now - please!  And you can start with my Ten Mile Point listing!