Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bob and Decorative Painting

My daring and creative husband, Bob, just spent the last four days at a seminar on decorative painting.  While this is his specialty, there's always more to learn.  Years ago he took a course in South Carolina to learn the art of wood-graining.  There's a steel staircase in Crouse Hall on the Syracuse University campus that looks like wood.  You wouldn't know which one, because it looks like every other wooden staircase.

When he saw a course offered by Golden Paints to be taught by the world-renowned painter, Pierre Finkelstein, he immediately signed up.  The great news was that Golden Paints, the company hosting the seminar, is in New Berlin, about 80 miles away from our home.  It turned out he was one of the closest students - others flew in from all over the country to take the class.

They worked solid for three days learning the techniques, about the brushes (badger hair), and using the superb paints manufactured and sold by the decades-old company.  Go to http://GoldenPaints.com and read the history.  It's a remarkable company, brand, and force in the artistic community.  They have artists in residence, as well as people who make the paints that go all over the world.  The color charts are like none you have ever seen before, as well as the colors they offer. The iridescents are my favorite.

Finkelstein and his assistants are based in Manhattan, but travel in order to teach.  A working painter, his blog is fascinating.  One minute at the Louvre, the next in an office space, then on to some other destination.  Bob and 15 others were privileged to work with him.  Open http://PierreFinkelstein.com to learn more about him and read his Blog for the Craft of Decorative Painting.

I have seen Bob's work and marveled at it now for years.  I am glad he went.  And of course, since we are all so connected, a woman he met at Golden Paints turned out to be the sister of a woman who had bought a house in Skaneateles through me years and years ago.  And a fellow painter who had come up from Texas grew up on the road to the north of us at the lake... Small world....

Shameless plug alert:  If you are looking for a painter who can take an old metal door and make it look like wood, or a column and make it appear to be marble, or massive stones in a church....find me and I will put you in touch with Bob.  Or just call Purcell's or Sherwin Williams and ask for Bob, the decorative and faux painter.