Friday, April 26, 2013

New Construction - Continuing Education

Every two years we have to take classes to continue our license.  I generally end up with about 25 hours.  I've taken two courses recently - my license is up for renewal in August - and I want to share some of what I learned.

First of all, I like going to class, even if it is all the way up to Taft Road in North Syracuse, because I get a chance to see people out of our ordinary sphere.  Get fresh perspectives, or actually meet people with whom I've spoken but never encountered.  I could take classes online for the credits, but sitting at a computer all day is not what I want to do.  So off I go...

We had about 20 people in class for "Representing Buyers for New Construction."  The instructor, John J. Waugh, enjoyed the back and forth of the class and encouraged it.  A lot was general talk, and answering questions as they came up.  As I look over my notes I think it best to simply list facts I thought interesting or relevant.

  • 90% of all the homes built by buyers are not represented by a real estate agent.
  • Because of this, according to the statistics cited, homes will cost 20% more than if the buyer had been represented.
  • There are an average of 1,784 decisions to be made when building.
  • Some of the best builders are in the Northeast.
  • Marvin Windows are the most energy efficient.  
  • Cold air returns for a forced air furnace should be in every room.
  • Gutters are important: they keep water from the foundation and save the roof.
  • The cost is only about $800 for a 2,600 square foot house.

I have been representing buyers who build with builders most of my career.  I don't know a great deal about building, but I have found that I do have value in the process.  I think every agent who takes the time to be involved does.  If nothing else, agents have another set of eyes to look at plans critically, ask questions, 
and watch as the process unfolds.  While some Realtors felt they were shoved aside, the builders I have known are open to my involvement in the process.