Friday, April 12, 2013

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Occasional Update

April showers bring May flowers...but ours might be a bit drowned.  The spigots can be turned off now, please....

Did I ever relate this story?  If I did, please forgive me.  It is so classic Central New York!  I was driving down to the bank and thought about the rain, and how at least it wasn't snow.  I got out and a man passed me at the door.  In greeting he said, "At least it isn't snow!"  I swear this was five minutes after I had the thought.  If you are from outside of this area and want to sound like you're from here - just use that phrase.  You will definitely get agreement and a smile.

The update is closer to the last one because I am feeling things happening here.  I have buyers, new ones, and new listings coming up, too.  Other ones have sold or look promising.  So I wondered about the rest of the area.

Currently there are 78 listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.  Of these, 20 are in the Village and an equal number are considered waterfront.  As suspected, 6 listings came on in the past 10 days, only one a re-list.  The other five range in price for 1.75 million (not on the water but gorgeous!) to a mid-$100,000 home in the town.  Two others are Village and the last has acreage and a newer-built home.

Under contract there are 14 waiting to close.  Only one new one was added.

The best news is that we have gotten to The First Twenty closings.  The two new ones that sold and closed were both in the lower $100,000 range.  In the next few days I will write up the houses that closed and their published selling price.