Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Listing on the Lake

 The lot I have listed down Firelane 21B now has the possibility of a 1500sf. camp being built for it.  And for only $350,000 - brand new!

The owners have built several of the cottages on the road in the past 20 years and so we sat down to write up what it would cost for them - Lake Country Construction - to build another one on this lot.

The price floored me.  The camp would have a basement that could be a walkout.  Upstairs a bedroom, full bath, family/living room and kitchen.  The top floor would be left unfinished at this price, but could be a huge master suite or two bedrooms.  The camp was already built for someone else, so if you are very interested I can show you which one it is.

The beauty of this plan is that you get a totally new house that would contain your fixtures, your layout, your
choices.  Renovations cost more than new builds, in many cases, and trying to retrofit an old camp is difficult.  This one is a blank slate - you decorate it right from the start.  A wrap-around porch to take advantage of the views?  Of course it would cost more, but then - it's your choice!  Don't need a full block basement?  The owners will build the camp for $25,000 LESS and put it on piers.

Water will come from the lake (our very, very pure lake), the septic system will be in and functional at this price,
and the owners are local builders so they know the Town and codes and people.

Not a whole lot more information online, but the ML# is S291630.   I can sit with you and show you the plans, you can speak with the builders, and next year at this time you may be opening up your new seasonal cottage on the west side of Skaneateles Lake!