Friday, May 3, 2013

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Occasional Update (April 13th to May 3rd)

When I went through my hotsheet today I sent off yet another new listing to some clients.  I thought I better do the update, before I got overwhelmed and it made less sense.  I put in the criteria, and came up with 23 new listings since the last update!  Oh my!  But then when I went through their history I discovered that while they had a new number and in a fair number of cases a new Realtor, 13 were actually re-lists of homes that hadn't sold.

The verifiable new listings can be broken down by Village (2), Waterfront (1) and Town (7).  There are now a total of 91 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service. In the Village, two great houses came on - one close to a million and the other close to half a million.  We have some gorgeous homes in the Village!

The Town homes range from a low of the mid-$100,000s to over half a million.  Large, small, with or without acreage - we have a great selection at this time of year.  Buy now and you will be able to close (most likely) by mid-July.  While there's only one true new listing in waterfront you could push to take possession before the 4th of July then spend the summer enjoying it.  And if not the new one - there are 23 others waiting to be sold on the lake, too.  Ten Mile Point has a great beach (see below) from which to watch the lights on the lake!  And it's a bargain at $250,000.

The "under contract" numbers have fallen a bit.  There are only 17 waiting to close.  Seven of these are new since the last update on April 12th.  They range in list price from a low near $40,000 to over a million.

We now have 26 sold and closed properties year to date.  Of these, two are in the Village, one is waterfront, and the remaining two are situated in the town.  If you missed it, I did write out the First Twenty back in April.  And, oh yes, 50 West Genesee Street is reactivated after a winter hiatus.