Monday, August 18, 2008

Borodino Market

What a treat!

I had a few minutes a couple weeks ago so as I stopped to get lovely sunflowers by the side of the road I looked around. There set back from the road was an old schoolhouse with an open sign.

"What do you have there?" I asked the young woman who came to take my money (I had grown accustomed to the honor system at the stand).

"Oh, it's a country store," she answered. I am paraphrasing, because whatever she said did not do it justice!

The brochure states: "Purveyors of the Unique."

This is a store worthy of the most interesting of places - from Provincetown to Marin County, Saratoga to Skaneateles. It was wonderful!

"A rural rarity with gastronomic departures, confectionary treasures, nostalgic foods, local and global."

That's an understatement. I could have bought everything - and come back for more. What a treasure! It will definitely be on my list of places to spend time (and $$$) when I have an hour or two - or I want to impress and delight my friends!

"You'll be surprised what you find in the hills of Borodino."

But you have to find it - not an easy task! We've been going to Vernak's Country Store on East Lake Road in Borodino for three years now and stopping at the farmstand on Rose Hill on occasion. But I didn't know the schoolhouse store was even there. The owner told me they don't believe in advertising, so it sits behind the stand in the trees.

I sent Bob's family to find it when they stayed at the lake. They found Vernak's and liked it but didn't see why I was swooning. Next time I'll take them there.

So you don't get lost: Go to the corner of East Lake (Route 41), Nunnery and Rose Hill at the blinking light. Drive down Rose Hill past the church and look to your right at the houses. The farmstand should be apparent. The hours are Thursday through Saturday, 10AM to 6PM, Sundays 11AM to 3PM. Check out their blog at or find them at

Or if you want to, call me and we'll go together! You won't be disappointed!