Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

We are still creeping along here, but I see progress although not in the numbers.

There are currently 161 active single family listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service we all use. This week only 3 new listings came on: 1 in the village (looks lovely!), another in the town and actually Marcellus schools, and the last is a re-list. Rumor has it that the day before closing the buyers walked away on the advice of their lawyer - but not for any logical reason that the agent could see!

There have been no new contingent sales but one lake rights home has been marked "pending." And there was that beautiful closing of the property on Widewaters - for the reported price of 2 million dollars. The list price, I might add.

We now have 27 closed for the year - compared with 61 at this time last year.

But I wrote several offers this past week and a couple have come to fruition. I heard from an agent today that she was getting frustrated - properties are still marked active in the computer that have offers on them. She has taken her clients to see homes, gotten ready to write an offer, and THEN found out the properties were "gone." This happened to her 3 times! So this time she called first. Good idea.

One word to the wise: I did a free market analysis this morning on a home in Skaneateles. The owners had checked the "comparables" according to the tax information on the internet. The homes that were brought up were similar only in their square footage. They did not reflect what had closed in the past year, the conditions of the homes, or even the size of the land. This is why you need a Realtor in the trenches or an appraiser. And then, of course, the information on the property itself was inaccurate. You still need us!