Saturday, August 16, 2008

House of the Week

I have been debating all week whether to write about the house I saw on Tuesday when I should have been running around at broker's opens. I can say that my clients didn't reject it until Thursday, but that's not an excuse for waiting so long. I wasn't sure what to do, quite frankly.

The house is fantastic, a four bedroom, two full and one half bath newly built home in Camillus. It has a pool that will take your breath away. The interior painting brings the home alive - and the decorating is lovely. It sits high in a development and except for the lack of trees - please, developers, leave the trees! - it has a premium setting.

Here's the issue. The seller is motivated, with a capital M that stands for Money, that rhymes with "Bring an offer, honey!" My clients won't - they are waiting for spring - and I have no one else at the moment looking there.

And why is it still there? My guess: the owner started way too high a full year ago and got stuck on the price. There was an offer but it was contingent on the sale of a home and everyone apparently sat back and waited for the other home to sell, which it didn't. And then the mood of the country changed, and there they were. Sitting. Sitting on a beautiful home that will probably sell under the building cost and assessed price, a full year later than it should. And that year was filled with taxes and interest payments and mortgage payments.

The seller has asked that the listing text be filled with "MOTIVATION." But reality hits home - there are 48 listings in Camillus between $200,000 and $250,000 - the range in which this home is listed.

And yes, this beautiful bright and airy home with that gorgeous pool is my House of the Week pick.