Wednesday, August 6, 2008

House of the Week

So there I was, running around with a contract that had to be delivered then taking a listing in the afternoon. No time to say "hello goodbye" and starving to boot!

I landed at a broker's open house to hand over the purchase offer and was offered a sub by the agent, Bill Crocker from Prudential. I don't usually eat at these things, but the thought of a bit of food and some diet Coke sounded good. I did my turn around the house and actually really liked it. Only 5 years old, it sat back from the road with trees lining the driveway. Everything inside seemed light and airy, even the finished basement, really a lower level.

Upstairs I came upon hardwoods and more light, with an easy open floor plan. It was all more impression than really hard details - "just nice."

I chose my sub - turkey - and while Bill took a call I wandered out to the deck to eat. It was the first time in a long time I had stopped for food in the middle of the day. It felt good, and the setting was ideal for quiet contemplation. There was a good-sized yard and beyond that - corn. Rows and rows of corn up a slight hill. Not a house in sight.

I stayed sitting out there in the sunshine, happy as could be, until my cell phone rang. "Are you able to find it?" a voice I knew well asked tentatively.
"Find it...?" I was still meditating on the corn field and the pretty house.
"Where we're meeting," I was advised. Reality.
"Are you there yet?"
"There and done and...."
"Waiting for me! Oh no!"

I ran out of the house after a quick good-bye to Bill who had let me have a few minutes of peace and quiet. The house is located next to a cornfield on Jordan Road between Elbridge and Jordan. You can own the quiet for only $199,900.