Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

A few points to clear up, then we're on our way....

My friend Cathy is truly a miracle. She left the ICU on Friday last week and went home on Monday. I spoke with her usual animated self right before the Super Bowl and we both cried. She will take a while to regain her strength, but she pulled through when the doctors didn't think she would.

And there are no closings in Skaneateles, year-to-date. That's out of the way.

There are, however, 100 single family homes listed as active in the Skaneateles areas - 6 in the village specifically. A new one came on, listed both as a multi-family and also as a single family with possibilities for an in-law situation. It is under $300,000. A waterfront home was also listed - the pictures look gorgeous! - for about $700,000. Spring and summer are coming!

Two homes, both listed for $325,000, have been marked contingent. Both are relatively new construction and while one started in the high $500,000 range, the other was also closer to $400,000. Both have detractions which lowered their prices - but both seem like great deals to me!

In Onondaga County there are 1,932 homes listed as active and there have been 204 sales. Last year at this time there were 219, not an appreciable difference. The same could be said for Cayuga County - 383 active listings and 25 closed properties, year-to-date, while 2009 had 34 sales.

Camillus has 12 closings as compared with 16 last year, Marcellus 4 this year while only one had closed in 2009. Elbridge joins Skaneateles in the zero category, but they had mega-7 last year.

We'll turn it around - certainly I plan to help! BTW - you can, too!