Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So there we are, at the Syracuse-Louisville game on Sunday. The national anthem is about to be sung, over 31,000 screaming fans are in attendance, and my phone vibrates. My first thought is that my mother has somehow managed to call me - she always did at the most inappropriate times, during the final seconds of a tied game, or when I was diapering Alex, or just about to go out for the run I'd been gearing up for all day - but I knew from where she is out there in the cosmos that it couldn't be her. It wasn't, of course, only an agent who was possibly bringing in an offer and trying to beat another agent's offer.

I tried answering when there was a momentary lull, but I couldn't make myself heard. I thought the chants of "Let's go, Orange" emanating from section 311 would clue her in that I was at the game, but all I could hear was "Where are you!?" I gave up, and texted her, hoping she had texting and she knew what to do with it.

It worked beautifully. I texted the other agent and she responded that she would have an offer, too. Perfect! I watched the rest of the game knowing I had communicated and was well on my way to getting two competing offers. (SU lost, but that's another matter....)

Earlier in the week I had been in a closing. The agent on the seller's side did real estate on the side, and his primary job as a teacher did not allow for mid-afternoon phone calls. We needed to know where the meter was for the gas in the house that was closing. He texted us "in the basement" and I texted back "where in the basement." He must have texted the owners and then got back to us. Semi-crisis averted. Quietly, easily, with very little fuss and bother.

So now I text much more - and love it! It's one of those tools that need a reason to be used - and also must be utilized on all sides. As always - communication is key!