Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Best and the Worst

I retrieved the following from a report by U.S. News and World Report on remodeling costs vs. value.

First the best things to do, at least according to the report and my comments.

1 - Install a steel door at your entry. Really? There isn't one already? I think I'll notice as I go through houses this week. Maybe it's because we're cold up here.

2 - Create a bedroom in the attic. Make sure you don't call it a bedroom and try to take credit for it. The Village is never thrilled with adding a bedroom where there is no true two egresses. Maybe you remember my friend's experience with a third floor master bedroom that wasn't, and was discovered the day before closing - that then wasn't.

3 - Add a wood deck. Why wood? We need something a mite stronger here. But yes, decks do count for something but then don't forget to add the doors leading out to the deck.

4 - Re-side the house with vinyl siding. Just make sure that the neighbors in your subdivision who all have cedar clapboard and who bought into the community because it demands clapboard are in agreement. And don't make it a horrible color, please!

5 - Replace windows. At last - agreement!

Tomorrow - or the next day - the report's "worst" remodeling decisions, cost vs. value.