Monday, February 22, 2010

The Best and the Worst - continued

Now the Worst of the Cost vs. Value remodeling ideas, at least according to U.S. News and World Report.

1 - Home office remodel - must agree, unless of course you are taking a semi-unused room and making it worthwhile with some shelving perhaps - maybe extra outlets. Watch out for built-ins because they limit the room's uses!

2 - Sun room addition - maybe not so good, especially if you are doing one of those all glass and windows additions. But adding a room, and thus square footage, plus sending in light - there's a reason Ryan Homes has sold so many houses by offering "morning rooms."

3 - Bath addition - only 60% of cost is recovered. However, a 4 bedroom house these days almost requires 2 full baths. I certainly know it is hard to find space in these old Victorians in the village, but if you can use that extra room somewhere to create a bathroom do it! The house will sell so much faster and for a higher price. The difficulty is integrating it into the whole of the house - if it looks weird it won't work.

4 - Generator - I agree, unnecessary, better left to the new buyer.

5 - Garage - I can tell the writers are not in tune with either the upstate winters or the storage needs of upstate buyers! Pricing out garages recently I found that one can be built for about $20,000. Again - the house will sell faster for more money. The cost, I believe, will be recovered in the quicker sale resulting in fewer carrying costs.

My opinions all - you are most welcome to disagree!