Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

It's basketball day in Central New York - but I'll stick to real estate in this blog!

There are currently 2,026 active listings in Onondaga County. In the Town of Skaneateles, there are 104 and in the Village there are 27. Five "new" listings have come on, but in each case they are re-lists of homes that hadn't sold and had either expired, or the deal had fallen through. Some dropped their price (which makes sense) and one raised it.

Two homes in the mid-$200,000 range were marked contingent. Both had been on the market starting in the $300,000 range a while back and now have found buyers. Both are listed under their assessed value - take note!

Two homes closed, bringing the number of sold homes so far this year to seven. The good news is that they closed within 10% of their list price. One was on for a short time, the other had been there a bit.

I looked again at the number of homes over $400,000 to close in Onondaga County so far this year. It's risen to 4 - but compare that with 60 homes closing in Skaneateles in the past 24 months that were listed above $400,000. Ye-ow! I must believe that once the weather gets nice and people see the value of owning a summer home on the lake that the buyers will return.

So let's go, Orange!