Saturday, March 27, 2010

Snowberry Open House

I rarely push my listings through my blog, preferring quietly to mention them and then go on. But this one is different, and I wanted to get the message out because it seems to pull together some loose ends.

Last week I did an open house on West Lake Road and wrote about the staging of Lorrie White. The house had sold to the first couple who came through after it was staged, causing much excitement.

My listing at 109 Snowberry needed no staging because the owners, as one agent who saw it recently said, "took the time to present the house beautifully and made it a pleasure to show." And it is - they even went so far as to replace the old formica counters with granite that gleams!

However, as lovely as it was - uncluttered, tastefully decorated, minimally furnished - the basement eluded them. It was practically finished to accomodate a relative who then chose not to live there. It was neither an in-law apartment, a gym, a play area or an office. It was more a repository for old furniture - and frankly looked it. I realized that I had taken no pictures of this part of the house, despite the brilliant light that came in to the main area. I featured it on a post card - "In-law Potential" - but it never really lived up to it.

This week the owners took it upon themselves to change that. They tried to rent furniture, but without a great deal of funds were unable to get what they wanted. A friend (Intrepid Janet)stepped in to help, and with her assistance the downstairs (no longer the dreaded basement) has taken on a very new look and purpose.

I honestly haven't seen it because they just finished and I was out showing property well west of Skaneateles, arriving home only a bit ago. I've heard that it looks fantastic, and I can't wait to see it right before my open house at noon on Sunday.

Please join me! I will be there 12:00 to 2:00 with some special goodies. I would love your opinion - and to hear that you read my blog! The ML# is S222157 and it can be found on as well as There is also an ad in the Post-Standard under Camillus that will have directions.

This is an exciting time for real estate! And for 109 Snowberry, too!