Thursday, March 4, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

Short and sweet - it's been a marvelous week and there isn't a whole lot to say.

In Onondaga County there are 1,967 homes for sale. I'll watch the number, but it's been fairly steady.

In Skaneateles TOWN there are currently 99 active listings according to the multiple listing service. Of these, 8 are listed as village. Now in the VILLAGE there are 25 listings marked active. Two re-lists came on this week - one recent waterfront changed agents, and another very attractive village listing reappeared that was on a while back. While the exterior won't knock your socks off, the interior has been done for you - mid $200,000. The third listing is probably Skaneateles town, but is generally identified with Marcellus because of its location and school district.

Nothing new on the contingent or pending pages, but there is one closed property bringing the total for the year to a not-satisfying 3 homes.

A few things to note - the house that closed, and I must tell you I showed it countless times and my buyers chose not to jump, sold for well under the price for which it was originally built, less than two years ago. "Well under" means a good 20% loss. However, the owners chose to move on because they got a GREAT deal on their new home. It's all about choices.

A momentary rant, if you don't mind.....When building a home, consider if you will stay forever or might possibly sell. What appears to you to be a great decision may not be to the majority of buyers. Listen to architects and builders, please. They don't want to turn homes into cookie-cutter properties, but there are reasons for their objections. If you truly want something they consider "goofy," then go for it and know that you will pay a price at re-sale. And always upgrade the kitchen - make it high-end, or be prepared to do so for re-sale. As I heard several times this past week: "At a certain price point you have expectations of the quality and choices that are made." Enough rant....

To answer the contnuing questions on the Seitz Building from our anonymous commentor - the address will be Genesee Street for the condos, but that still is in the processing stage. Six of the condos are complete but there are four that could enjoy some input from new buyers. So go for it, AC - call me and we'll go look!