Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

Things are picking up with spring in the air. I sat outside yesterday for the first time with my chair in the driveway to catch the late afternoon sun. If you look really hard you might see a bit of a sunburn on my nose. I was bundled up, but my Gypsy Cold Care tea helped to keep me warm while I fend off a cold. My grandmother believed that fresh air and sunshine would cure anything.

There are currently 101 active listings in the town area of Skaneateles and 26 village listings. In the past week three homes have come on the market; all three are re-lists in the $200,000s. Only one home has been marked contingent recently, one of the lowest priced homes in the area. Another has gone from "U - under contract, do not show" to "C - continue to show." It's always good to have back-up offers.

Yay and hurray! We have a new sold property - a large, huge, amount of acreage with a house attached in the Jordan-Elbridge school district. That brings to 4 the closed properties so far this year. I am glad spring is coming!

I thought I'd check out all of Onondaga County's sales. There are 1,985 active listings that have produced 369 sold properties. That translates into a 5 month inventory. (I'm not calculating Skaneateles...) The most expensive homes that have sold, however, are in the high $400,000 range. Only 3 above $400,000. This is a case of good news/bad news. That's all they sold for - good grief! But then the fact that properties sell for less, much less, here than around the country accounts for our avoidance of the real estate slump. We are doing well, while other towns suffer from foreclosures. Syracuse and its environs are a great place to invest! We've held our value for the most part and are still affordable.

So let's make a promise that by this time next month we will have 10 sales - at least - and the 3 highest sales in Onondaga County. Come on over and do your part! Buy a house!