Friday, April 9, 2010

New Blog

Negativity is a nasty thing. I once worked for someone who said all Realtors were by nature negative. I disagreed, but could hardly get a word in edgewise, the man was so certain!

There is a lot to be negative about at times. I've heard just today from an agent who told me a long story about one of her experiences that made her question why she continued in the business. It was truly a very sad tale of woe!

We all have these sad tales, and there are more and more issues these days. A friend says that when times are tough economically, the anger and greed in people comes to the fore. I think it all comes from fear, that when the basics are threatened the normal response is to lash out at the world. I saw that a lot with the kids I worked with for years.

But what I did with the kids I think in some ways can be translated into the world of adults. Every day I taught I asked them, "What did you learn today?" It was a chance for them to reiterate a fact or process, thereby practicing it again and sharing their learning with others. Not my idea - that had come from my student teaching days back in Seattle and my wonderful mentor, Phyllis. I remember the moment when a young man said with tears running down his face that his learning that day was that math was never going to come easily for him since his car accident and the subsequent neurological damage. He had the courage to share that with a roomful of kids his own age.

Every day, it seems, something happens that makes my day better. I say very often "You made my day!" Those brief moments of excitement need to be commemorated, I think. To that end I have started another blog: I hope to add to it on a daily basis and I encourage everyone reading this to join in through the comments.

Maybe together we can accentuate the positive things that happen, share them and smile.