Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

The trees are all in bloom here, the tulips and lilacs coming and going, peonies popping out all over! A grand time of year for the Finger Lakes! Wait until the weekend when it will get into the high 70s and beyond!

There are currently 117 active listings in Skaneateles of which 21 are in the Village. Five new ones came on in the past week. Two are re-lists, one of them with a price increase of $10,000. I have a friend who tells me that if you raise the price, the house automatically sells. I'll watch this one. There are three brand new homes (sort of) that were just listed. Two of them are close to the village and in the $200 - $300,000 range. The third has directions: "Take rowboat to property. No joke!" Also a price tag under $200,000 for waterfront. And presumably the rowboat.

Nothing new was marked contingent or pending. There was a house I know of that sold with multiple offers, but that is still marked active. It was "Grand Central Station" at the house but because of the circumstances only two offers actually were written. People are looking - and looking for a deal!

There is a new closed property to bring our number for the year to a paltry 11, but with 21 homes waiting in the wings marked contingent in some manner. The new one sounds like a deal - selling for 66% of the original list price.

Onondaga County is going great guns - there are now 785 single family homes sold so far this year with approximately 2,200 homes on the market. Because the price range includes homes in the very, very low numbers (the cheapest was listed at $2,500!) there was probably a push to get contracts written under the April 30th deadline for the first-time homebuyer tax credit. We'll see if the numbers hold up without that incentive. The most expensive home sold and closed was over $700,000 - and no, it was not in Skaneateles.