Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Ghost Writer

I had wanted to see the movie for a while, so I bought Bob dinner at El Canelo out on the Boulevard and we went to Shoppingtown to see it. Despite the film literally burning up and the ensuing 45 minute wait to get it right again, then the superimposition of the previews an hour later for a bit, it was great. We also got 4 vouchers for future movies - they didn't quibble in the least!

One of the features of the film was this great house out on Nantucket, I think. They never actually said, but the ferry and Massachusetts plates, etc.... The house was a character in itself, at least for me.

My first comment was that it looked like the mall that is sitting on Hiawatha Boulevard, waiting for....Godot? Bob suggested Frank Lloyd Wright. But once they were inside - oh my! The wind and rain tried their best to get in, but the poured concrete walls and huge windows kept them out. The view of the beaches and sand dunes beyond - wow!

I know a builder here who uses poured concrete as walls and builds gorgeous homes that deserve special settings like the house in the movie. But that's the issue - he builds his homes in woods and on hills overlooking Ontario Lake - and yes, they are solid enough to withstand the north country winds. Nary a rattle!

If you see the movie, see the house, too. It's staying with me today...