Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Day in the Life

It occurred to me that I started this about my life as a Realtor. I have written about parts of my life - my home, my friends and family, the world around me in general - but not really about what I do day to day. As I walk more and take time to reflect, that might not be a bad thing to do on occasion.

So - the last 24 hours are done, so....

Yesterday afternoon I drove up to the GSAR offices on Taft Road in North Syracuse. They are newly built and really quite lovely. I must say I preferred the old ones on Seventh North simply because they were close to India House and I could swing by there for something to eat or take home for dinner, but that's a personal preference. I drove all the way up there for a class that had been recommended by others at RE/MAX - a tutorial in the MLXchange, the system we use for our listings.

The instructor, Bill Roesser, was great. There were only 8 of us, each with a computer, and he took us through the steps (this was the advanced class) with an ever-present eye to what we wanted and what we could do (monitor and adjust). I learned how to do prospecting searches, set up a website through the mlxchange, restructure my pages so the information I wanted (waterfront, for example) was front and center and not far down the page. I found out how to access their statistics - what an easy update this will be in the future! Now, the trick is to remember all of this!

Another reason I take these courses besides the learning is to be part of the bigger picture. I like seeing people from all over; this class I saw people from the old neighborhood - Mimi and Chris. Last week at the Standards and Procedures class I sat with people from Cayuga County with whom I talk, but never see. It's good to be social and compare notes.

Lastly, I must admit I am there to get continuing education credit. Every two years we must renew our licenses, so we must take classes. If you miss the actual classes, the information can be found online - but that doesn't give you the instructor or the give and take of an actual class. My license must be renewed by August, so I will go to classes this month and next.

After class, which went long because everyone was so interested (amazing!) I answered texts and made calls to try to finalize an offer. By the time I got to the mall, it was done and my clients/friends got the signatures from the seller. Hooray!

I walked at the mall for 45 minutes - that's the main floor and the second floor, through Macy's and down both sides. Hardly anyone was there, so it was easy to keep up a decent pace. I looked like a shopper in a hurry.

Bob had promised me dinner when I got home at 6:00 but there was nothing cooking. He wanted to see a movie so off we went to Mario's in the Elbridge Plaza (salad and a slice) then on to as we call it "Cheap Seats" in Sennett. The MoviePl_X (no "e"). We were the only ones in the theater for The Green Hornet in 3D. It was fun for a while, then I fell asleep.

Back home I checked my e-mail - a referral from a RE/MAX agent had come in plus another from a friend. Nice! I sent off e-mails about contacting them the next day, as it was late by then.

Thursday morning: up early with the dogs, a breakfast of cottage cheese and Fiber One, a couple pots of tea and the newspaper, then off to work. You've seen the picture if you've kept up with my blog of my desk. I spent the morning pulling listings for Saturday showings, scheduling appointments, and doing general e-mails. I also checked the hotsheet - nothing to send to anyone. Our deal seems to be holding together, and everyone is pleased. I texted Rachel - she had her first snow day of the year in Manhattan!

Lunch - more cottage cheese and fruit this time, plus seltzer flavored with cran-raspberry (light). Koko and I left for her grooming appointment early so we could get my sign and lockbox at 2 Green Street in Camillus. Sigh, it went to relocation. The two signs that are buried in snow will have to wait until it melts some!

While Koko was groomed by Ann-Marie at PetSmart, I walked Fairmount Fair. All the way up and down, in and out, through snow and more snow. Wegman's has a cafe that has an upstairs, I found out, overlooking the produce. I checked Iams Weight Control dog food (for Boo) there - cheaper than PetSmart, but the cheapest was at Target. Cell phones are marvelous inventions - I checked voicemail, texted and set up a showing, heard about another, and generally could do business as if (almost) I was in the office.

After a couple hours, Koko was ready to come home - and so was I!