Friday, January 28, 2011

Come to My Open House!

One of the things I do as a Realtor is hold open houses. This weekend I am having one and everyone is invited!

My listing is at 105 Golden Eagle Drive in Camillus, ML#S245960. If you look it up on or or you will be able to see more pictures and a further description. Try my website, too: It is really a lovely home!

Some agents don't do open houses, but I love them. I love sitting in my listings and soaking up the atmosphere. Especially in winter, in a home like this one, I can sit by the fire and watch the kids play outside. I was speaking with a friend today whose home is listed on Otisco Lake, and we laughed about my first open house there that took place in a driving rainstorm. Not a window shook, and it was almost eerie being inside and watching the world blow by outside, like in a movie. Think The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy sees the Wicked Witch riding by....

The open house this weekend is especially exciting, because the house really is priced to sell. Everyone who has seen it says that the price is right - $279,000 - and the owners are very realistic in their expectations. It's not much over the assessed value or that much more than they paid for it a few years ago. They realize that the world has changed, and prices have come down.

So come along on Sunday, from 1:00 to 3:00. It is very easy to find - Route 5 in Camillus to Ike Dixon, then one mile exactly to Falcon Nest (don't you love the names?) Turn left, and enter the driveway from Pigeon Roost. I'll have signs up to point the way. Tell me you read about this on my blog and I will be thrilled!