Thursday, January 13, 2011

A RE/MAX Meeting at the Century Club

When I first started this blog, I stated my intention of writing about what I did as a Realtor. I have faded more into the real estate of Central New york and specifically Skaneateles, of course. But I still think it's interesting to chronicle a bit of my life. When I started real estate, I knew nothing about the process and remember asking my then-manager Mary MacKaig "What do you do all day?" She cordially told me about a week in the life and I greatly appreciated it.

One of the things that makes RE/MAX different is our lack of regular meetings. Most of the other agencies pull everyone in an office together each week or so to talk about what is happening, give kudos where they are due, allow other interested persons to present their businesses (mortgage people, inspectors, etc.)

RE/MAX prefers to have agents out there, doing what they do best - selling, listing, networking, and other profitable endeavors. We share when we are in the office, but most of our work is done elsewhere - for me, it's home, at this computer or on the phone.

However, once every three or four months Dave Cramer, our broker, calls everyone together to go over industry-wide information and basically to touch base. We have two offices - Fayetteville and Skaneateles, so it's good to see other agents and at least put a face to a voice we hear on the phone.

This past Friday we met to go over advertising possibilities, with two presentations. We decide as agents what we want to do for advertising as a group. We get national and statewide exposure, but our franchise's marketing is a group effort. We met this time at the Century Club in downtown Syracuse.

The Century Club is a huge home that was a residence built in the 1840s before it became a club. In 1866 it was incorporated as the Onondaga Club and that gave way to the Century Club in 1876 and so named for its 100 charter members. In 2007 it was renovated and just glows!

We met upstairs in the Directors' Room and shared a breakfast around a large table which accommodated about 30 people. It was truly lovely, a room in which you could feel the presence of past Presidents (Hoover and Ulysses S. Grant), all the men and now women who played a part in the growth of Syracuse.

For more information, please go to The pictures are magnificent! Or drive by and take a peek inside - 480 James Street. It is a treasure worth preserving!