Thursday, February 9, 2012

Everybody Needs a Photo Booth Prop Set!

I love doing fun, crafty, creative stuff... this is probably not a surprise to anyone! hehe :)

With that said, one of my favorite things at weddings is when the bride and groom have a photo booth, or photo props, etc. I think it is so fun, for adults and kids, and something that people can save as a memory forever! When my friend, Stephanie, got married last year they had an awesome photo booth and we had a blast with it!

Now clearly, we can't have a photo booth in our house...
 (how awesome would that be for my crazy parties though? lol)
 so I decided to order these cheap, fun, little props to make our own "photo booth" pics if you will...

Take a look at The Manic Moose on Etsy ...

Great props for weddings...

 classrooms (all my teacher sistas out there!) birthday parties & more!!

Here is the mini prop set I got...

Only $26
 (one of the smaller ones, they have huge fun ones for up to $100)
Filled with just enough fun stuff to last for hours and take some good pics... I originally ordered these for the kid's Valentine's Day cards project I wanted to do.. will do a post on that for V-day... don't want to give it away yet because I haven't stuck them in the mail!!

The Manic Moose did a great job, they shipped quickly, they arrived just as they look and were perfect... I guess this is why celebs like Ashlee Simpson and her son, Bronx, think they're great too... ;)

(Chris loves to say that I often dislike something or don't like a certain place, but as soon as I hear a "celebrity" has it or has been there, then I am all over it, like flies on horse sh*t hahaha I would say that is not completely true, maybe just a tad bit, however I will say I ordered these before I knew Ashlee was a fan, promise!)

They also have vinyl decals for your iPads and laptops too... I am really wanting one of these :)

How cute is that ??
Only $8!

Comes in these fonts and colors...

 so of course last night we had to test these bad boy props out... here are just a few quick shots to show you how fun they are!!
(and give you a good laugh for your Thursday of course!)

Hahahahahaa this is a favorite for sure!

I have no clue what's with the serious face?? lol

How cute is that? A framer for sure!

And now for my favorite...

Hahahahaaha Jake is killing me! What a ham!
So fun!
You need one ... whether you're a teacher, getting married, have kids or don't have kids, or just like to have a parties (like moi!) ... there are props for everyone!! :)

Angela, over at The Manic Moose was gracious enough to
offer 10% off your order
 to my followers on your purchase!
Enter the Promo Code "MOOSE" at check out! :)

Happy Hilarious Photo Taking!

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