Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning Thoughts

The day after the Super Bowl.  Still basking in the warm glow of a family gathering plus the Giants' win.  Such a good thing that is for New York and the underdogs!  They came such a long way.  When a fellow Realtor and old friend in Colorado needed reminding about staying with his Central New York roots, he went back to a very long time ago when Floyd Little signed his placemat at a sports banquet for Sherman Park football.  We grew up within walking distance of the SU campus - and it is still in our hearts. (He still has that placemat!)

The weather is gorgeous here for a February day.  Brilliant sunshine.  Boo and I will take several walks today, I can guess.

Too much food last night!  Shrimp, dips, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies....  Oh my!  But I will start to save room for a Krebs' meal, coming late August according to Adam Weitsman, the new owner.  If you would like to read more about this, go to and Friday's article.  This will be a wonderful addition to Skaneateles.

Soon the market will pick up, now that the jobs picture is looking better and better.  I think confidence is growing, and people will be able to see further than six months down the road.  Certainly, if possible, buying is better than renting.  I paid my mortgage this morning - Monday is domestic day, with bills a top priority - and I enjoy seeing the numbers shrink. 

But to keep them shrinking, I must keep making money.  So if you are looking for a lovely ranch in Camillus - call me, please!  Or there's a sweet smaller home with hardwoods not too far out with a very deep back yard at 1650 Coon Hill Road....then the lots, all those lots!  From Calemad to waterfront in Niles, to many, many acres in Sennett and Skaneateles.  I am sure the builders out there are ready for you and spring to come!  Buy now - be in by the fall!