Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's Letters

This week was sooooo long!! So ready for the weekend, aren't you?

Today I am doing a new link up from over at Adventures of Newlyweds
for Friday's Letters... so without further ado...
 (I just had to google that by the way ha, "ado" spelled like it sounds I guess!)


Dear Duke: My bracket was doing SO good until you lost tonight and ruined it, however, other than that reason, I am not too upset that you lost ;)

Dear Emily: Today you brought the sweetest, most precious little baby girl into the world, Lila Ruby, and I love her already :) So glad you are both healthy and I can't wait to cuddle her! XOXO

Dear Sun Tan City: Tonight in the Versa Booth when I was getting a spray tan and the heater was OUT and I'm being sprayed butt naked with no heat, and freezing me tail off, I was not a happy camper!! That needs immediate attention!

Dear New Followers: Thank you so much for following and reading my blog! I hope you come back!

Dear People Reading Who Are Not Following: Please Follow! I beg you! Ha! I am shooting for 400 by the end of April :) Thank you! Link me or comment and I will follow yours too... it's a give and take relationship around these parts ;)

Dear Frankie: I love you so much and you are the light of my life, however today when I moved the ottomon over to the window so you could look outside and feel the fresh air, and then you stood on it and peed, like it was ok, really made me mad and second guess why I spoil you so...??? <3

Dear Draw Something fellow game players: I am still obsessed with the game, love it, but want to formally apologize for not playing the last couple of days... I have been crazy busy but plan to catch up this weekend and get back to drawing! If you are playing Draw Something find me at DanaKYRealtor :)

Dear Summer: Please hurry and get here!!!!!!!! I can not wait to get some real sun, wear flip flops and be able to get a car wash without it raining the next day no matter when I do it :)

That's all friends!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that your team wins in basketball
(unless you are for Iowa State and in that case I'm sorry ha!) Go Cats!! :)

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