Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

Do we have to talk about Syracuse basketball?  I think we do.  Alex texted me yesterday in the midst of an offer signing, and everything stopped.  "No fab melo?!!!!" he wrote.  "Tell" I wrote.  And then the sad but true tale came out.  We had just gone to the Big East tournament and watched SU lose from our seats under the basket.  Then the championship game (after seeing the bartender at an Irish pub nearby for our tickets that I had purchased online).  Good loss, I kept saying as the rest of the upper-ranked teams lost too.  It will make them think they are not perfect and they might pay attention more.  But now "no fab melo."  How do you disappoint people?  Even young ones like our Liam?

But there are still houses for sale in Skaneateles.  As a matter of fact, there are 90 total, with 25 of them in the Village and another 25 considered waterfront.  Four new ones came on the market in the past week.  A ranch just outside town is listed under $200,000. Also in the town is a huge 3-BR home for about $500,000.  A sort of relist in the Village has a reasonable price in the mid-$300,000 range.

Five are marked contingent, six are under contract, and eight are in the pending column with one new one, a ranch just outside town.  We still have 12 closed sales - an amazing number, highest it's been at this time of year since 2009.

I looked at other areas too this week.  Marcellus is also doing well, beating the last three years.  Elbridge is so small...but last year there was only one closing by March 14th and this year there are five.  Camillus has been totally consistent the last several years, coming in in the mid 20s.  But if you go back to 2008 there's a spike of 42.  Before things started slowing down.

So by this time next week we will know if SU is one or two and done in the NCAA Tournament.  Sad, sad, state of affairs.