Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

Ah, what a day!  The dogs and I were outside on the deck and when Alex texted that UConn and West Virginia had gone into overtime I turned on the game inside - then listened from outside.  SU will have trouble with UConn, I'm afraid.  But then, this is a special team and past predictions ("hard to beat a team three times in a season") go out the window.

This blog actually encompasses two weeks, as I explained in the last blog.  And there has been activity!  Five new listings came on the market in the past two weeks.  Actually six, but that one has already sold!  Think Village and good price...  One of the "new" ones is a re-list, but at such a reduced price and after being off the market for well over a year it's hard to call it a re-list.  The new ones include four outside the village, three large ones and a sweet 2-bedroom home.  Come and get them!  There are only 85 active listings entered in the Skaneateles area - 24 are in the village and 22 are waterfront. 

Six homes are marked contingent, the first step towards closing.  Three are new in the past two weeks.  One is the Village home that just opened its doors, and the other two are in the town -both good-sized homes that have been on the market for a bit.  Another that has been dropping in price has been changed to under contract, bringing that total to six also.  There are no new pending homes, or at least none that haven't been noted previously.

And yes, two more have closed, continuing our great year.  Both were Village new construction in Parkside.  The interesting piece of the closings is that we usually have about a third in the village and a third listed as waterfront, with some overlap.  The same is true this year - 4 Village, 4 waterfront.

So let's add a home in the town!  Please come to the open house at 1650 Coon Hill Road on Sunday, March 11th, from 1:00 until 3:00.  I have another appointment, but Roxanne Plummer will be there to show you this great home - three bedrooms, plus a family room and a sunroom and a fireplace with hardwoods throughout.  Hopefully the weather will be as lovely as it is today so you can walk out into the deep backyard to the creek that runs behind the property.  Syracuse University will have won the Big East Championship the previous evening, so there won't be basketball to watch - hah!

Go Orange!