Friday, March 27, 2009

A Good News Blog!

I can't stand it - there are just too many great news stories out there today. I was sorry I didn't know about a few of them for my update blog on Wednesday, but there's no reason I can't dedicate an entire blog to good news.

I think the overall news starts with this webcast sent in by a loyal reader. Check it out: On many fronts this says the real estate market is turning around.

Then there's the tax credit for first time (or not in a few years) homebuyers. I hear daily from my mortgage people that this is real - up to $8,000, not to be paid back at a later time. All yours - just for the buying of a home!

I spoke with an agent yesterday who got our purchase confused with another one. She begged my forgiveness, and apologized for seeming to toot her own horn, but she has had 17 (SEVENTEEN!) transactions this month. That, in our market, is huge. As a reference, RE/MAX Masters agents average more than agents from other companies, and our average per year is in the 20s.

Now for the fun stuff. I haven't passed on interesting "forwards" that I get, but I love the creativity and brevity of this one:
A Fix for the Economy
1 - There are 40 million people over the age of 50 still working. Pay each of them 1 million dollars to retire.
Result - 40 million jobs to be filled by those in need of work, unemployment is fixed.
2 - The million dollars is contingent on each retiree buying one American made car.
Result - 40 million cars ordered and the auto industry fixed.
3 - What else do they do with the money? Buy a house or pay off their mortgage!
Result - the real estate market is fixed.

Hey - why not?

And then there's The Game tonight. Syracuse University plays Oklahoma at 7:27. It's March 27th - and did I ever mention that 27 is my lucky number? If you see me out and about - radon mitigation at one house, finding a survey at another - I will be wearing my Marathon Men t-shirt available through I sent one out to our RE/MAX friend Cindy Hack in Louisville, too. They play afterwards and I wish them well! But tonight we need to paint the town ORANGE!