Thursday, March 19, 2009

This and That

With great sadness I read of the death of Mike Condie, the manager of Roland's in the village. The calling hours and funeral will be tomorrow. He was a staple for 42 years in his storefront and I will miss him.

At my brokers' open at 127 Raspberry - really, you must see this home for the decorating alone! - a debate broke out among the attending Realtors about open houses. I mentioned that it would be open a lot, and one of the agents told me she thought open houses were a great waste of time and never did them. She said most people had an agent and if they wanted to see a house they could make an appointment, why take up her time. I responded that I sell through open houses and the easier I could make it for buyers to see a house, the better it was for my seller. The agent said that she still saw no reason for them. Others agreed primarily with her - so now I really want to sell my next house through an open house!

Check out the Syracuse new Times this week! Lovely 3862 Highland Avenue in Skaneateles is the "Hot Property" of the week! Lorraine Smoral did a fine job of detailing her impressions of the house, seen a few weeks ago. We also liked the photo of the outside - despite the snow!

And everyone - take note! Our new President believes Syracuse University can go to the Final Four. I knew he was a discerning man! Let's go, Orange!

Before the Louisville game I received a comment for this blog from a RE/MAX agent in Louisville, Cindy Hack. I challenged her and we ended up betting on the outcome. Since SU ran out of steam, I must wear a Louisville t-shirt at the next SU home game in the fall. Of course it will look incongruous, because SU will have defeated Louisville for the championship and everyone will be celebrating the victory!