Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring in the Village

It's just lovely here! I'm waiting for some people to come and show their children the new house they bought. Still a month from closing, but the boys never saw it because the parents didn't want to disappoint them if the deal fell through. They're more confident now - and today is a perfect day for it!

The benches are back all through the village. People were relaxing in the sunshine across the street - I could see them through the open door.

Our water bowl for dogs is outside. Over the winter we had to take it in on occasion because it froze solid. I look forward to it not freezing again for another eight or nine months. This year if you walk by with your dog, stop in. We have treats inside the Victorian cookie jar. Linda would love to hand them out!

I received a marvelous e-mail this morning from an old friend. I had sold her house many years ago when I was first starting out, allowing her to move to the Adirondacks to semi-retire. She just wrote that with the help of a RE/MAX agent, John Pridgen, she was able to buy a small foreclosure in North Carolina. She is settled at last, closer to family.

Even though poor Syracuse lost last night, it was a great season. Over the years I've watched other teams of young men work together ("The 'Cuse is in the House") and win together. We've had the John Wallace years and Derrick Coleman years, Carmelo and Hakim. This group has overcome a ton of adversity and played the (2nd) longest game in college history, a game for the ages, as the t-shirts say. They did well and are to be congratulated!