Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Bit of This and That

Congratulations to Greg Paulus for coming home! For those of you not from around here, Greg was a star quarterback and point guard for Christian Brothers Academy. He had his choice of sports, and decided that his education meant a great deal and the best education for him would be found at Duke. He was their point guard for years - and the guy everyone loved to hate. Senior year he faced the ignominy of sitting out a great deal, but he was the first one giving encouragement when the players returned to the bench.

Today he announced that he would use his last year of eligibility (I guess this comes from a change of sport) to come home, attend Syracuse University, and take on the huge challenge of quarterbacking the team. Fun times!

Speaking of weird sports stories.....there will be a filly as the favorite in the Preakness on Saturday. Her name is Rachel Alexandra. We will be attending the wedding shower of - Rachel and Alexander (!) at that time. Do you think we'll manage a bet on her, too?

I've won my credit issue with Verizon, but it's a warning to everyone. Last summer we signed up for Verizon FIOS only to find there were no FIOS cables on our street. Oh well! I received a bill for installation which I spent a few hours explaining we hadn't installed anything, and the bill went away. Then this winter I started seeing money leaving my checking account to go to Verizon. The bank couldn't stop it and every month they simply refunded the money. The withdrawals ended after four months. In April I wanted to refinance and....Verizon had noted on my credit report that I had not paid my bills! My score was suddenly below 700 and I couldn't get the best rate. I complained to Verizon (who always asked for my account number when I called) and finally won! I was able to prove a negative! Hooray! But check your credit - who knows what's on there!?