Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Early Morning in the Village

I decided to become more pro-active towards my sleep patterns. That's a long way around to say that when Koko wakes up with the sun, I have been getting up with her, too. Bob and Boo sleep on for another hour, but Koko and I get in the car and drive to the Village for an early morning walk.

We've only gone three times so far, but it's becoming addicting already. I wake up on the way - farm equipment beware! - and by the time I park behind Doug's I am ready to go. With Koko on a leash and plastic bags in my pocket, we move as quickly as her need to smell everything will allow.

Yesterday we walked up West Lake Street to inspect the new slate roof being installed on that grand old home under re-construction. People were out and about, despite the cold - I wore a jacket, turtleneck and Cuddle-duds. I could only find one glove in the car, so I put that on and pocketed the other hand. By the time we turned around at the top of the rise Koko was ready to go back lickety-split towards the promise of food.

Sam was at the Bakery making the doughnuts and waved. The bus for Syracuse had made its stop at 6:10 and was lumbering down East Genesee Street. Birds were calling, the water was lapping at the pier - all was right with the world. Even through the busy, busy day I had after that the moment of peace stayed with me.

It's a good world at that time of day. Fewer trucks, less people, storefronts polished with the beginnings of the red, white and blue celebrations. Everyone says hello - joggers, dogwalkers, people just out getting the morning newspaper. We're all privileged to have this shared experience, their smiles say.

We spent the weekend (actually 29 hours by the time we got there at 80 mph because of course two houses sold Saturday morning since we were going away) at Rachel's parents' home in Mahopac. They have lakes, too. The shower happened wonderfully on Saturday night (yes, Rachel Alexandra the filly did win the Preakness - how could she not?) and everyone had dispersed by the time the thunderclouds rolled in and the lightning came. The party-goers were mostly City people who had not been to Skaneateles or even the Finger Lakes, tending more towards Italy and the Cape and Florida for vacations. Rachel and Alex chose it as a "destination wedding" for them, and we were very surprised and pleased with their collective reactions. They love the idea and can't wait to come mid-July, many of them using the week as a vacation.

So as I walk Koko in the morning I am mindful of what they will see from their rooms at the Sherwood Inn and Packwood House. They will look out on a pristine lake, at the Judge and the pier, see the walkers and runners, saunter over to Sam's for a coffee, look in the windows at Cate & Sally, read the real estate storefront flyers. I know they'll be back - maybe to buy the condos over 2 Jordan Street, or rent a camp for a month in the summer. Or simply to visit our lovely little village by the lake.