Sunday, May 31, 2009

Faith Restored!

Every once in a while, my faith in humanity and my own abilities falters. Between the e-mail problems and the rain, a sudden lull in activity, a friend's serious illness, by last Friday afternoon I wanted to go home and put my head under the covers. Maybe if I slept a week things would work out better....

Bob would have none of it. We had planned to go to Burritt's Cafe that evening and we were going to go. I had looked forward to it and I knew that once there I would be fine. The rain let up and we traveled the few miles over to Weedsport. It was well worth it!

Israel Hagan was playing and that's what drew Bob. I didn't know the man, but he's been around Syracuse music for years with the band Stroke. That night it was just him and his guitar, great songs (oldies, as befit the audience) and a winning, friendly demeanor. He played for two hours - mostly covers, some invitations to sing and clap - and he dragged me from my doldrums to feeling fine. Sherry and Darryl also provided help with a decaf latte and then for dessert a chai latte. They were busy, the carrot cake was touted, and the atmosphere was marvelous. Mr. Hagan will return July 10th - mark it on your calendars.

The next day I went off to show a multi-family to a friend. I hadn't seen him in a while and he was flying high with the Friday birth of a fifth grandchild, another little girl. We roamed around the house for an hour or so, finding wells and septic systems, then waved good-bye. Always a pleasure.

Back to the office - our owner, Dave Cramer, was setting up the upstairs which we've now taken over to accommodate new agents and create more room downstairs as well. He was in a fine mood, having closed the Camillus office and bought a beautiful building in Fayetteville to house the east agents and some of the west who won't join us here in the village.

I heard about two properties about to be listed by one of our agents, and lo and behold I have two people who will be very happy (I hope) to know about them. More investigation is needed, but it's rare when there's a natural fit. Then a rental appeared out of thin air (and a phone call) andI was off and running.

The good thing about those sorts of opportunities is that it gives me a chance to call people with whom I haven't spoken in a while. Good conversations ensued, how grand! The world was turning around for me!

After lunch at Creekside with Bob (curry chicken salad - I highly recommend it) I went shopping in the bookstore and then on to the Creamery. I purchased 5 books for the silent auction for the Lions' Club's golf tournament - two were Mike Quigley's memoirs about growing up in Skaneateles. I still love the title of the second: Childhood without a Helmet.

A bit of shopping over in Auburn - gas prices are cheaper there, did you know? - and I even found a new bag at Marshall's! I was exhausted - sleep has been hard to come by lately - so I napped when I got home, with that fine spring breeze floating in while I floated out.

We went to the Chiefs baseball game with my in-laws - Chiefs lost in the 10th - and I ate a hot dog and had a beer. Saranac. Pure contentment. Topped off by an ice cream sundae at the bottom of the 7th.

Today it was too rainy for Koko and me to walk, so I'm just enjoying blogging here in the village while Koko watches the world go by out the screen door. We'll head home in a minute for breakfast (spinach, parmesan omelette with ham on the side), coffee and the paper. I'll be back this afternoon for my open house (1:00 to 2:30) at 3862 Highland Avenue - come visit! The world is rightsideup again!