Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Skaneateles Real Estate - 2012 Analysis and Update

So before I start getting into updates, I need to put last year to rest.  If I can - the energy was huge, as they say, and the stats too.

We had a record 127 closings.  Of those, 40 were in the Village and 24 were waterfront.  In the past, the numbers for Village and waterfront have been similar.  Suffice it to say that the number was about the same for waterfront, just Village and Town jumped up.

The lowest priced property to close went for $25,000 in the Town.  The Village number was $127,000 and surprisingly waterfront was lower at $110,000.  Of course, that was made up by having the highest priced property to sell - 1.6 million.  The Village's highest priced home was $850,000.  This past year there were only 2 homes that sold for over a million, a reflection I believe of the reduction of overall prices.  Most Village and Town homes closed around 10% under the list price.  The median list price overall was $295,000.

So on to a new year, an exciting year because currently there are only 76 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.  Of these, 19 are in the Village and 19 are considered waterfront.  Five new listings and three re-lists have come on the market since the first of the year.  They range in price from a non-waterfront home listed at 1.6M to a home in the town in the low $200,000s.  Two more are waterfront.

No closings yet, but they will come.

The sales continue!  Fifteen homes are in the under contract category, and six of these are new since the beginning of the year.  Half are waterfront, and I will make a wager out of the clear blue that this year waterfront will be higher than Village.  I have no idea, but with three showings in the past four days of Ten Mile Point I know there are people out there looking, getting ready to spend a summer on the lake.  Like that camp listed at $250,000, there are other great buys.

Let's make 2013 as profitable as 2012!