Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hard to Believe

Hard to believe a week has passed and I haven't entered a blog. My excuse is that I've been busy - but not that busy.

I put in an offer this week for friends and I'm waiting here on a Sunday evening at the office for a response from the agent. She's called me to ask about progress in our negotiations, and I communicated her sense of urgency, but of course now I wait. It's usually that way - and yes, patience is a virtue!

I did an open house this afternoon, thinking that the cool day and the annual Skaneateles Pet Walk would bring people into the village, they'd see my sign, walk in out of curiosity, and buy the house. Optimism was high. It didn't happen - but some good ideas came of the afternoon at least.

I went to a different area yesterday with a client and we arrived late to an appointment at a house. I apologized profusely, and had called the agent to let her know we were running late, but the owner refused us admission to the house, claiming he didn't know anything about the appointment. How interesting, we both thought. Here was an agent who had traveled 50 miles, a buyer ready willing and able who had also traveled 50 miles, but because we were 15 minutes beyond the time we were closed off. Needless to say the buyer scratched the home off his list. Karma and all that.

And there it is - the subject I've been trying to get to through this rambling process. Karma. I think some people have good relationships with real estate, and others simply don't. All the homes I've bought have been the first ones I've seen. Others can look for months and months and not find anything - and when they do buy, they settle for less than they want and are unhappy. Or is it that I've made my houses work - or that I'm not really that particular - ? Or is it that I buy in great areas - Seattle, Saratoga, Skaneateles and now rural Elbridge.

I do know that I have luck - and to wind this up, the couple who are waiting to hear on their offer do not share that luck. So I wait, in this beautiful village at the office with the late afternoon sun pouring in through the open door.