Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Here I am in the office, the third night in a row I've been here after 7:00 doing work. It's raining gently, the door is open and people are rushing by with their purchases from Doug's. The cars stopping at the sign on Fennel shine their headlights in the window, and the light shimmers on the wet pavement.

As I signed in to tonight I saw that I had published my 100th blog last night. it occurred to me that I had started this journey about this time last year. I looked back in the archives and sure enough - amazingly - my first blog was May 7th.

I'm distracted by the number - 100 - that seems like so much. And yet that means on 266 (it's leap year) days I didn't write for one reason or another. My blogging mentor, Jill Hurst-Wahl, has chosen to blog every day and has succeeded for years. But that's okay - that's her choice and I am impressed, but I couldn't, or should I say, didn't.

I did write 100 times though. Wow.

And many of you read my blogs, thanks to my own self-promotion and and whatever word brought you here by serendipity. Thank you.

I hope to be here next year, in the same desk by the same open door. The listings I have now will have sold, people will have bought and moved into homes and condos, new houses will have been built. Bob and I will be a year older, God willing, and so will you.

An agent from Toronto stopped by last night inquiring about rentals on the lake and we got to talking. She asked if I knew how beautiful this village is, how very special. She pronounced it "The Most Beautiful Place in the Whole World," and she said she had traveled extensively. I agreed, and assured her I treasured its beauty, too.