Wednesday, May 21, 2008

House of the Week

Busy, busy day yesterday for broker's opens! I did two houses - pretty 204 South Street in Elbridge and then I ran over to 11 Onondaga for a 1:00 to 3:00 open. Thank goodness for Janet! She came over to open up for me and as I drove up there was a steady stream of agents from Gallinger going through the front door. Everyone who came in complained that there were too many opens and they were too spread out, even in Skaneateles. One agent even called and asked to see 11 Onondaga because she got stuck at the south end of the lake and couldn't make it back in time. We accommodated her, of course!

But my house choice - despite the excitement and praise of 11 Onondaga - is actually South Street. As I spent the time - 11:00 to 12:30 - in the kitchen and speaking with agents, I realized what a truly great deal the home is. I mean, here you have a large 4 bedroom home, but with new mechanicals, new septic, and mostly new windows! The front porch (the wicker helps, of course!) is lovely; the side entrance from the driveway takes you over an ancient marble step.

And with this rain and chill I was actually warm in the kitchen with the gas stove cranking out the heat. Being warm doesn't happen often - and you wouldn't think so in an old (1889) home, but it's also efficient (remember the new furnace and windows?)

Also, having had my mother live with us, I am always aware of in-law potential in a home. Certainly we all need that first floor bathroom, for those times when the stairs are impossible. But on the south side there are also two rooms divided from the rest of the house by the center hall, and these could easily be converted to a suite. One even has a closet, so if I overpromised I could have listed it as a 5 bedroom even. Privacy, plumbing, and preparation all equals potential. (Can you tell I wrote ads this morning?)

And the price! My "price it to sell" policy is in effect here, courtesy of the owners' realistic appraisal: $174,500. I challenge you to rent a home this size virtually anywhere for what the mortgage payment would be - including taxes, principle, interest and insurance with nothing down it would be approximately $1,700/month. And with ownership comes equity and tax write-offs.

So if broker's opens are to help agents get to know a home and spend time there, this one worked beautifully!