Tuesday, May 6, 2008

House of the Week

Tuesdays are brokers' open days in Skaneateles. We all run around to see homes that are held open for two hours or so to familiarize ourselves with them and ask the agents questions. Generally the agents try to entice people to come by serving lunch or goodies.

Last week there were 8 homes on brokers' open. I made it to 5 of them and then stayed at one so the agent could see some of the closer ones. In such a short time span it's almost impossible to make it to everything, but I do believe it's important to know what's out there firsthand.

Starting today I want to use Tuesdays as "House of the Week" day. I like the idea because it makes me get out and see as much as possible, and also I need to think about what makes a home the chosen one. Seemed like a good idea this morning - but then I saw two houses and I had difficulty choosing.

I am going to pass on the 2.75 million dollar home with 150 feet of prime waterfront, the koi pond, the yards of granite and the very pleasant liveable home on the east side. (Wasn't that tricky?) My emotional reaction of "Oh, how wonderful!" belongs to a smaller cape down the road.

Down around the U or T firelane on the opposite side of the road sits a very sweet natural shake home with incredible filled window boxes. The air was redolent with the scent of blossoms from fruit trees - all along East Lake they were in bloom - and I looked for the ubiquitous white picket fence. Just a great setting.

Inside, I walked through a family room with wood-burning fireplace, a dining room and then saw beyond a screened porch, away from the noise of the road, overlooking the back acreage. The agent had chocolate covered cherries and sandwiches in the kitchen which did not detract from the granite countertops. With two bedrooms and a full bath on the first floor, I thought of one of my families who would have loved it for the mother who moved in with them.

But upstairs! Two bedrooms with a cute little something recessed under the eaves, as if elves lived there. Some child is going to be very happy to grow up here, I thought. What a great place to make memories!

And immaculate, too. Lovely presentation, easy to live in, not far from the village - $335,000 for 2200 square feet of very pretty home.