Tuesday, May 13, 2008

House of the Week

What a lovely day in the village and on the lake! Now that the Governor has decreed that he wants those huge trucks to avoid the village at all costs - their costs - soon we will be the tranquil place we've never really been. I told Kay at Green Mountain that it seemed quieter already.

Back to broker's opens.....I picked up my friend Janet and we combined talking and planning with seeing homes. She is looking at homes for a friend, I am just gathering information and comparing properties. We saw a couple homes that "were what they were" - a village home in need of work (the hole in the wall in the front hall was a dead giveaway) and a surprisingly light and bright home along soon to be quiet Route 321.

But the one that knocked our socks off was a little camp in the true sense of the upstate New York word. Only 861 square feet, it promised evenings of playing Monopoly, bunking with the cousins, telling tales around the wood-burning stove, dealing with the tiny sink in the tiny bathroom. And living on the deck to soak in the view - up and down the lake, like a picture postcard, Janet said.

It wasn't the melting chocolate chip cookies served outside in the sun - honest, we each had only one! - or the ancient bedspreads that reeled us in. It was simply "camp," just "camp." Offered for $559,000 - and worth every memory you and your children will have!