Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I took a brief hiatus over the Fourth of July holiday, and my apologies to you, loyal readers. That doesn't mean I wasn't busy with real estate and Life.

During this time, I:
  • Wrote three offers, one of which turned into a multiple offer rapidly (of course this also means we saw three properties, wrote the contracts, re-wrote the contracts...)
  • Roamed the lake, bringing flares to my waterfront clients (it's a long lake!)
  • Worked with Pat Canole of the Post-Standard to make 11 Onondaga the House of the Week this past Sunday
  • Held 11 Onondaga open Sunday afternoon - it was amazing! The power of the press!

In the Life category:

  • My son proposed to his lovely Rachel with a sign we hung from the deck at the lake, "Rachel, Will you marry me?"
  • She said "Yes!"
  • We said good-bye to our old cat, Hermes, Sunday night. He was the subject of a blog (March 13th in the archives) when we thought he might leave us. Doc Schnabel said "Not yet" and Hermes got to sit in the sun on the deck for more months than we thought he would have.

So please excuse the hitaus - I have an update planned and houses to see on broker's open today - I will make it up to you!