Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

Many apologies for the tardiness of this blog! No, my birthday celebration did not take on gargantuan proportions - as a matter of fact, I worked through most of it. I'll have another birthday next year - and my sister will come to that one, too, I hope!

There are currently 161 homes listed as active in the Skaneateles area. There were 9 new listings this past week, of which 5 were re-lists, 2 new waterfront properties, and 2 new town/village.

Two properties were marked contingent - and 3 were pending, of which 2 went directly to pending, didn't pass "K..." but will collect a bundle of money if the offer is anywhere near the list prices! And we don't know, and won't know until the properties are closed. If anything should happen - and as I've written, it does all too frequently, especially these days - the agents don't want the price negotiated to be common knowledge.

We had a village closing, too. That's 2 this month - an improvement on the last one being in March! We now have 25 closings on the record.

Of these 25 closings, 7 are in the village, 6 are waterfront, and therefore 12 are town or surrounding townships. Percentages: 28% village, 24% waterfront, 48% town.

Last year: 55 closings by this date, 35% village, 16% waterfront, and 51% town. I'd say the village vs. waterfront statistics are significant. There are a lot of people waiting out there for something to happen. But the waterfront people are stepping up, knowing that this market is still good.

I asked what people want to know, a brief survey in the office.... One facetious answer was "Where can I park?" Answer - on the street is usually the easiest place to find a space, easier than the parking lot that everyone tends to circle first. But a real estate question also surfaced: "Who is buying the waterfront homes?"

Generally, they are local people. We went over in our heads a few recent sales and yes, local was the answer. I know the waterfront I've sold in the past has been to people who either are local, have a local connection (grew up here, parents still here) or want to maintain a local connection. Most people think it's people from the large metropolitan areas, but I don't believe so. Maybe other Realtors can add to this - watch for comments on this blog.

I didn't go to any opens yesterday - again I ran off to sell a home. So once again, no "House of the Week." I'd love to hear from people - what do you want to know about real estate in Skaneateles?