Sunday, July 13, 2008

Movement and Rumors

I've spent the weekend here in the village. Yesterday I showed properties literally from morning to night, and of course in between I held open 14 Hannum Street.

In making appointments, I spoke with many agents and all were very willing to share what they've heard about the movement of properties.

Some we know - there's a SOLD sign on the house on the corner of State and Austin. Actually, that may be all we know in that fashion, but....

The "million dollar home" - the brick on the corner of East and Onondaga - is 99% gone according to one inside source. It's never closed until it's closed, but SOLD may appear soon.

A superb waterfront home that just came on may or may not be SOLD - we'll have to wait and see, but that should be resolved by the end of the week one way or another.

I do know that my clients won out over four other offers and now have the privilege of doing a home inspection on a place in Skaneateles. I can't wait to see SOLD on that property - but it's not up to me, alas!

There is a bit of land that's gone apparently - can't say SOLD yet, but it seems to be taken, much to the surprise of its owners. A longer story - should have SOLD ages ago!

The update is the subject of tomorrow's blog - but then, I'm showing several homes to two different sets of people, so it might not be written until Tuesday.... I certainly want to add to the number of SOLD signs here in the village!