Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

This week should be subtitled, "The Waterfront Edition."

There are currently 163 single family homes on the market in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service. Of course this includes new construction and properties not actually in the Town or Village of Skaneateles but somehow related to them.

This past week 8 more properties came on the market, of which 3 are waterfront and 2 are re-lists, one of them a waterfront. Since the Fourth of July weekend was last week and the village was absolutely overrun with tourists, bringing the waterfront properties on made a great deal of sense.

There were 2 - count 'em! - properties marked contingent. One was an incredible waterfront (or close to - across the road) and the other had great lake views. Also, the 1 closed property was waterfront, in the low $600,000s.

This made me wonder how all those many waterfront properties were actually doing in relation to other years. Of the closed properties this year-to-date (20), a total of 6 were waterfront. That's 30% - I can do it without the calculator.

Last year we had 46 closings at this time, and 9 of them were waterfront. That's slightly under 20%. For the entire year, this percentage remained (20/103).

So in conclusion, the waterfronts are selling better than the homes. We also seem to be ahead of last year's mark - my guess is because Skaneateles Lake is still a good buy, a great buy actually! There just isn't water out there like ours. Not as clean, as pure, as historic, and as easily reached from the major Northeast cities. And this year with the price of gas, it's time to stay home or not travel very far.

Skaneateles is a world-class destination!