Friday, July 25, 2008

The Village is So Lovely!

It's 6:15 on Friday night. I'm back in the office today after a busy morning and afternoon, preparing an itinerary for tomorrow's showings. I am also fielding phone calls for showings of my own listings.

The line to Doug's extends in front of our window. I estimate a 45 minute wait, but they are all smiling and thrilled to be in Skaneateles in the sunshine. The band will play in a while, they will have good food to eat, and they will leave satisfied with their evening in the Village.

Blogging has taken a toll the last few days. I have been running full out, getting home around 9:00 and starting the phone calls and e-mails at 8:30 the next day. I didn't go to any broker's opens this week - there were only two, and I'd seen them both, if I recall. So sorry - no "House of the Week" for the second week!

I received a comment you'll see - and please, feel free to comment on my blog! You can do so anonymously! - that requested definition of the high-end waterfront property that had sold in the past week and I wrote about in the update. I really do not want to publish information without either permission of all agents involved or prior publication in a non-Realtor only venue. But remember - you can always call me at the office (315-685-4788 x637) and ask me directly. As you've read here before - a home is not sold until closed. I would hate to influence a sale negatively - that's certainly not my intention with this blog!

As I sat here, a client-friend-newcomer poked his head in the door to say hello. Such a simple thing, but it means so much. I asked him to come in, but he was afraid to lose his place in line so I came outside to chat. Can an evening get any better than this?