Saturday, July 19, 2008

This and That

Just getting ready to leave it all behind for 24 hours or so and head for the lake.

This sidewalk sale appeared to be a huge success! People everywhere - up and down the streets, eating ice cream, wandering through stalls. Lisa said it took her 15 minutes to go from the Post Office on Fennel to East Lake Road. Bob said cars were parked all the way up Genesee Street.

That rain keeps coming at odd moments. Bob calls it "Hawaiian weather." First so hot and humid it's hard to breathe, then gushing rain showers until the gutters spill over and the drains fill up. Then a few hours of breathing until the heat comes again. Lush, lush vegetation though!

This year's Nationals - all the hot rods and older cars at the State Fair - was fun. Someone told us it was 104 degrees - but not so hot as a couple years ago when I almost keeled over with the heat. We saw "The Fonz" in the Center for Progress Building. The guy behind Bob said, "Hey, Fonz!" and he corrected "The name is Henry." I told him I loved the Christmas Hallmark productions and he immediately pulled out a DVD to sell me. I explained it was the wrong show - I like the Truman Capote "Christmas Memory" stories - and he seemed quite sad. Cindy Williams was there, too, reminding me again how much one of my friends looks like her. But my friend doesn't chew gum.

That made us nostalgic and we came home and watched "American Graffiti."

This day's rain is over and the sun is out again - time to put the top down on the Cabrio, pick up the dogs and go to the lake. Good day - wrote an offer (I really hope it goes!), had an open house, researched homes for a client, and talked to an old friend. Time for corn on the cob!